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Mealfo is one of the best cloud storage providers in the competitive market. We do not only provide cloud hosting solutions, but rather our aim and goal is to shine your business by giving all of the premium services completely free. All the premium features that you pay for on other cloud hosts, are completely free and available to all our users. We do not believe in different level of access, therefore giving you unlimited bandwidth and storage space. In fact, there will be no capping of bandwidth while your users are eager to download tons of files. Mealfo uses the best Ubuntu configured servers, therefore giving you maximum encryption and stability. High performance and load balancing through perfectly configured Nginx will grant you even faster internet speed. Proxying and caching files on multiple servers will let your users get their files in a matter of minutes. Better server specifications will give Nginx the power it needs to deliver your content anywhere and anytime around the world. Mealfo uses premium servers based on Nginx that can deliver content up to a million users simultaneously and constantly. We respect everyone's rights and therefore Mealfo constantly monitors the encrypted content based on modern algorithms. Moreover, Mealfo smart algorithms constantly distributes the loads on multiple different servers, therefore reducing performance issues. cPanel and Plex license are given free to premium users upon their subscription renewal at Mealfo Free Unlimited Cloud Storage Solutions. Order right now to be a part of the best storage units on the earth.

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